Can acupuncture help me?

Many people turn to acupuncture after trying other treatments and many are surprised by its therapeutic effect.

The evidence base for Acupuncture is the fastest growing within complementary medicine, and the clinical research studies are becoming more robust.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your case. If I don’t know the answer then I will research the evidence base for what’s out there and plan treatment around this combined with your individual situation.

For more online information, the UK’s governing body for acupuncturists, The British Acupuncture Council, has produced a set of research fact sheets that give up to date, unbiased information for over 60 conditions including infertility, hay-fever, headaches and migraines, pain and insomnia to name a few. Click here to link through to information.

You condition may not be listed, however, it’s still possible that acupuncture can help. Feel free to give me a call and we can discuss your individual circumstances.

Nicola Allen; 06 30108455.