Registered Practitioners

It is important to check that your acupuncturist is competent and safe. Acupuncture in the Netherlands is not currently regulated by government, however, there are certain regulatory bodies who ensure that their members are trained to high standard and participate in continued professional development. 

I am a member of ZHONG, or the Dutch Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine (NVTCG)

Zhong registered practitioners offer you the following assurances:

  • BSc degree level training in traditional acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and western biomedical sciences including anatomy, physiology and pathology.
  • Diploma Western Medicine.
  • Registered with the health insurance companies for refunds. 
  • Full medical malpractice and public liability insurance cover
  • Expert practice skills maintained by following an individual programme of continuing professional development (CPD)
  • Trained in First aid
  • Certificate of good conduct (VOGG)

Other associations who offer similar assurances for registered acupuncturist include: 

  • Dutch Association for Acupuncture (NVA)
  • Dutch Physicians Acupuncture Association (NAAV)
  • Dutch Professional Association of Chinese Medicine Yi (NBCG Yi)
  • Scientific Doctors Association for Acupuncture in the Netherlands (WAVAN)