Stress, low energy and Insomnia

It’s common to see patients suffering from these at once: Excessive daily stress with no down time can impact on sleep which impacts on energy levels to deal with the daily stresses. Eventually you get run down and even after 8 hours sleep you can still feel tired.

Other symptoms can then appear because your body doesn’t have enough energy to fight them. 

Other symptoms may also be the cause of low energy and sleepless nights.

Here’s how acupuncture can help…

Insomnia – Issues getting to sleep or waking on the night. Difficult for Western medicine to treat other than with pills and helping with sleep routines.  Acupuncture gets to the root of the problem to help fix the hormone imbalances in the body which causes the insomnia.

Certain acupuncture points are known to promote relaxation, and deactivate the 'analytical' brain, which is responsible for insomnia and anxiety (Hui 2010).

Stress and low energy

Acupuncture stimulates biochemical changes which influences the body's homeostatic mechanisms.  Therefore, the body and mind are kick-started into returning to its normal healthy self, meaning you can live life and tackle everyday stresses in a positive manner.

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This information has been adapted from the British Acupuncture Council’s acupuncture research fact sheets.  You can find the full information here.