About three weeks before my due date, I started treatment with Nicola to prepare for birth. She is a real professional and I always felt in the best of hands. As the baby was quiet large, we started the induction treatment with the blessing of my midwife the day after the due date. About 10 hours later contractions really started!
— Julia Brinkhuis – Mummy of Floris
What really intrigued me about Lilymint acupuncture was Nicola’s vision to make people feel better and happier. I didn’t know much about acupuncture and Nicola has been a blessing to me!
I have made the decision to seek acupuncture treatment for several reasons: I was averaging about 2-4 headaches a week, I had very low energy level, stomach cramping, gas and bloating and, no matter how much I was resting or sleeping, I was extremely fatigued and needed to be re-energized.
Nicola spent time listening to me and asking questions about my life, habits and concerns that led her to some insightful conclusions about how my spirit and body were out of balance. She recommended some simple changes in my routines.
After about 10 treatments (initially weekly then monthly), I have experienced a significant decrease in the frequency, duration and intensity of my headaches. My stomach issues have gone and I have also found that my ability to handle stress has improved.
I would encourage anyone considering acupuncture to schedule an appointment with Nicola!
— Tiziana Cuccovillo